Desdemona's dollmaker - instructions
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How to use the doll maker:

1: Press the PrintScrn/sysRq key on your keyboard to make a screenshot (nothing visible will happen, but it works)
2: Open up your paint/graphics program
3: Paste the screenshot by pressing Ctrl+V or choose Edit --> Paste
4: Select the doll from the screenshot and save as gif (note: don't save as jpg, that will mess up the doll. Save as bmp if you can't save as gif)
5: If you put the doll on a website, please provide credit and a link to Desdemona's dollmaker (or Desdemonas Lab)
6: You are free to change and recolor dollz made with the dollmaker, as long as you don't forget the credit and linking :)

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Making the background transparent:

You'll need to save your image as a 'transparent gif' to make the background invisible.
Paint Shop Pro users:
Photo Shop users: (sorry, couldn't find a doll-specific tutorial)

If you don't have a graphics program that can handle gifs (MS paint sucks at it) I recommend you use a freeware screenshot program with gif support, like MWsnap (get it here).
Instructions for MWsnap: Make your doll in the dollmaker. Open up MWsnap. In the top menu choose Capture --> Any area. The doll maker window will pop back in front and you can select the doll area with a selection tool. When doll is selected (try not to get too much empty space in the selection; the smaller the area, the better) the MWsnap window will pop back on.
If you're happy with the image you see choose File -->Save as.. to save your doll. Set the filetype to GIF and check the 'Transparent' box. Make sure that the top left pixel of your image is the background color; if not change the settings from the drop down menu. Press 'Save' and your gif should be ready to go.

MWsnap is a handy little program and it works a hell of a lot better than MS Paint for this purpose. I compared the same doll done with PSP and MWsnap and to be honest I couldn't tell them apart. (PSP does a better compression on pics with many different colors, but it's still only a small difference.)

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How to give credit:

On a website or in a html formatted signature, cut and paste this code under the doll:

<br><font size="2">~doll from <a href="" target="_blank">desdemona's dollmaker</a>~</font>

That will give you this output:
~doll from desdemona's dollmaker~

In an ez-board signature using ez-codes, cut and paste this code under the doll:

[br][font size=1]~doll from [link= newwindow]desdemona's dollmaker[/link]~[/font]

That will give you this output:
~doll from desdemona's dollmaker~

These are just code examples to help you out, feel free to do the credit and link however you like ;)

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