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Contest entries and awards:
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I had a lot of fun doing this. She was for a mix and match contest at OTV. And yes, her hair is supposed to look like a wig :P
Base by SweetPIX.

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Made for a "doll your favorite genre" contest at OTV. I ended up putting a random Silence of the Lambs butterfly on my entry because I needed one more prop. Base by Eclectic-blue.

contest entry
I thought a palette contest would get my inspiration started... all it did was getting me super frustrated, gah! I'm not used to working with other people's palettes. I love her hair though, especially the bangs. Contest at Blue Ribbon, doll base by Luna's First Love.

contest entryaward
I wanted this to be an entry for a mix and match entry at OTV. But I got stuck and never made the deadline. The Modern Elf contest atAnd then the Moon rises gave me the inspiration to finish her. And she made 3rd place. She's my first doll on my Olga base.

Yes! My red carpet doll was no 3 in the dress up ball challenge @ TG
And I won 1st place in the New Years ball. Eeep!

I won November doll of the month at TG with the birthday pressie doll for Cim *faints*

I entered my Olga base into a base making contest at OTV.

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A zombie-stewardesse! Entered into the Dollz of the Dead contest at Shirley's Dollz (base by Apitchou, edited by me)

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OTV awardOTV award
For a flower fairy themed base edit contest at OTV (base by bersa)
The flower is the carnivorous Dionaea - also known as Venus Flytrap. Thanks to Cim for suggesting the flies ;)

Had to pinch my arm when I saw this... I'm very happy and proud, my first Site of the Month award ever... from the very talented Jaeden of Autumn Pixels.

contest entryOTV award
The deep-freeze girl...
For a base edit contest at OTV (base by tabatha)

contest entryaward
Inspired by a pic from drac-in-a-box
For the 'Doll a Sim' contest at OTV (base by pinkies)

Sleepy HollowOTV awardOTV award
OTV awardOTV award
Ichabod Crane and Katrina Van Tassel from Sleepy Hollow
For a movie couple contest at OTV (base by dreams in digital)

Twisted Glitter contest entryTG award
For a halloween contest at TG (base by eCandy)
It's me dressed up as a zombie...

OTV contest entryOTV contest
OTV contestOTV contest
OTV contest
For a halloween contest at OTV (base by Mochi Dollz House )

kitten box contest entrykitten box contest
For the Chara Design contest at Kitten Box (base by Kitten Box)

OTV contest entryOTV contest
For the 'Odd Match Couples' contest at OTV (base by Autumn Pixels)

OTV contest entryOTV contest
Contestant for Miss Undead 2004 at OTV (base by Angy-Chan)

OTV contest entryOTV contestOTV contest
I did this one for a base edit contest at OTV (base by me, hehe)

Precious Pixels contest entryPrecious Pixels contest entry
For a palette contest at Precious Pixels (base by Precious Pixels too). I won 2nd place, yay :)

Autumn Pixels contest entry
I entered this doll into a pixel shading contest at Autumn Pixels (base by Pinkland)