Full doll tutorial

This tutorial was made using Paint Shop Pro 7.04. You'll be able to use most of the techniques with Photo Shop as well, but please don't ask me how cuz I'm not a Photo Shop user myself ;)

1. A little bit about doll nettiquette...
2. Preparing the base
3. Getting her dressed
4. Shading the clothes
5. Shading the hair
6. Finishing

A little bit about doll nettiquette...
banner <- This is a great place to get the do's and dont's on dolling, please take your time to read it. I'll just give you a short version here:
- Always give credit and link back when you use other people's bases. Put the link close to the finished doll, not on a seperate page. Put credit links in your forum signature for avatars and signature dolls.
- ONLY use bases, do not use other people's finished dolls, not even small parts of it. Big no-no.
- Check out the site terms before you grab a base from a site.
- Inspiration is good, copying is bad. Be original ;)

I frequently go out base hunting and there are SO many sites that offer great bases. So how are you suppossed to remember where you got a particular base from?
Well, here's a tip: I always add sites that I get bases from to my favorite sites in my browser, I have a special doll base folder for them. When they're bookmarked I can easily find them again.
When I save the base I ALWAYS add the site name or part of the site name in beginning of the file name. That way I can tell which site I got it from, just by looking at the filename.
So for example if I get the base katbase05.gif from Precious Pixels I'll save it as preciouspixkatbase05.gif. (You can also just make a folder with the site name, but I think that makes it difficult to browse through the bases.)
When I use the base for a doll I rename the base layer to (in this case) 'base, precious pixels'.
That way I'll never forget who to credit ;)

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