My doll now looks like this:
The basic doll is finished. As you can see I've added details to the boots to make them look like doc martens and also some seems and a button to the pants. Changing the eyecolor and/or adding makeup can be a good idea too. She could use some more details here and there (maybe some jewelry or a belt), but since that is not the purpose of this tut, I'll just hold it here ;) Just don't forget that the details make a lot of difference.

The techniques I've shown you here are some of the techniques I like to use. There is no right or wrong way of dolling - play around with different brushes, sizes and opacities and try out different techniques and styles. The important thing is to find a technique that suits YOU and to keep practicing and developing ;)

/end of basic doll tutorial/

made by desdemona. email me with any comments or suggestions
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