A few examples of drawing folds

So, how do you put this fold theory onto a doll?

Most importantly, we're not going for photo realism here. Well if you're insanely talented and work on a big base then go right ahead. But for the rest of us we really need more the symbol of the folds... meaning you don't have to draw every god damn fold but do a few that will accentuate the movement of the base or the wind or whatever you are going for. It's up to you how detailed you wanna get. The bigger the base the more space to play around on. But remember, a few well-placed folds and wrinkles may be all it takes to get that extra touch. And on very small bases you definitely want to keep it simple.

So, onto the practice. This little girl has to be dressed up (my base):
I am gonna do a loose shirt and skirt and a tight shirt and skirt just to show how you can put the theory into practice. They are just examples, you can do the same outfits in many other ways. (Again, I am no expert, keep that in mind ;) )
How you do the folds and wrinkles is a matter of personal style and preference. Just remember that a straight, thin line will give a more streched fold, while a thick, curvy line will give a more relaxed fold. And the closer together you put the shadow and highlight of the fold, the more 'sharp' the fold will look.

Ok, onto the loose outfit:
And the tight outfit:
Well that's about it... Now you go play ;)

/end of folds and wrinkles/

made by desdemona. email me with any comments or suggestions
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