Drawing and shading the hair

Now for the hair... create a new layer named Hair (you'd probably guessed that by know..)
I make a palette for the hair on the Palette layer. On the hair palette I make an extra light tone for extra higlights, so I have 7 colors in all.

I draw the outline of the hair onto the Hair layer, duplicate it and hide the copy to use for the outline.
tut image
Now I can't fill the hair like this, because the outline is not closed. I grab the medium color and close the holes.
tut image
Then I grab the Select by color tool and click on the outline color. I hold down SHIFT while clicking the medium color. Now all the colored pixels are selected. I switch to the magic wand tool, hold down SHIFT and click on all empty areas inside her hair that I want filled with color.
When the selection is done I fill it with the medium color using the fill tool.
tut image
I check the Keep transparency box and start shading (dark, darkest, light, lightest, extra highlight):
tut imagetut imagetut imagetut imagetut image
When I've adjusted the outline she looks like this:
tut image

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