Downloading and installing the Gimp

The Gimp is a free open source graphics program.
It has many cool features including layers, filters, dodge/burn tool, smudge and blur tool, great gif handling and much more.
Get the latest Gimp version for Windows here: the GIMP for Windows

Go to the download page.
To get the recommended stable version you must download 2 files: the 'GTK +2' file and the 'Gimp for Windows' file.
Unzip the files on your computer and intstall the GTK+2 first, then the actual Gimp program. The install program may ask you about settings, just go with the suggested ones if you don't know what it's asking.

You don't need to download the source code or any older versions from the webpage. read the FAQ on the page if you're having problems.


- The Gimp will use the language settings from your windows installation.
I had to change my regional settings to change the language to english in the program.
In Windows XP those settings can be found in Settings -> Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options.

- Save you image as gimp xcf format while working to keep your layers and don't forget to save while working.

- If the program is acting all weird for no reason, try closing it completely and start it again, that has worked for me on a few ocations.

- Find more info and tutorials on the official Gimp website, the GUG and in the Gimp resources at Deviant Art

- If you find the workspace and many windows on the taskbar confusing and hard to work with I recomemmend the 'Windows Gimp Deweirdifyer' plug-in by Joe Marshall. This plugin will create a background window that the image and menu windows is 'melted' into... the way that e.g. psp and photoshop works. It works with XP, not too sure about ME though...

'Windows Gimp Deweirdifyer' plug-in instructions:
Go to this page.
Download the version that goes with your Gimp version (My version is 2.2 - I got the You don't need the sourcecode for the plugin (so leave the alone).
Once downloaded open the zip file, read the Readme.txt file and unzip all files to to C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins.
As this plug-in were developed for Gimp 2.0 you'll need to set it up before it will work correctly. To do this start the Gimp and the plugin background window will load. However, your menu windows will still apear on the taskbar along with the new window. In the menu of the background window go to Edit ->Setup. In the Gimp Application field type in the name of the gimp exe file, in this case gimp-2.2.exe.
Also, if your Gimp is not in english you'll need to change the Gimp Window Name field to... well, the name of your Gimp window (the one with the toolbox and main menu) as it is displayed on the taskbar.
Now restart the Gimp from the main menu (nevermind if the background window won't close, it will behave once you've restarted ;) ) and the plugin will work, leaving you with only one window open on the taskbar.