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::24-apr-07:: I've been neglecting my website for the past year, I know. School and the new house has kept me super busy. I haven't been dolling very much to say the least. But I do have a few older things that I've never put up now. Plus I'm working on a brand new doll - nothing like procrastinating from exam studying, is there?
So two "new" contest entry dolls and a remake of my dollmaker base. Also, 3 small post count dolls for OTV. This has to be the oldest update I've ever done >_<
PS: Email addy still isn't working, will have to fix that... Update: Fixed.

dollmaker base ver.2

::12-jul-06:: I've deleted my guestbook. I'm really sorry I had to do that (the feedback whore I am) but it kept getting abused by spam bots. I'll have to find a guestbook a little better protected from bots. Also, I recently found out that my email isn't working and probably hasn't been for a looong time. I'll set up a new one to put on the site... but if you've tried to email me and I didn't reply your mail is lost in cyberspace. >_<
Not much dolling inspiration these days. I've finished school and exams for this semester, now I'm relaxing, reading, baking, sewing - because I finally have the time.Great! We're also getting ready to pack our stuff and move to the countryside - yay!

::16-may-06:: RL issues closely followed by exam frenzy has been keeping me away from updating. But here it is: a new random pissed off doll, 2 contest entries and some awards, a few pressies and a new batch of adopted dolls. Yeah, and my about me page has been updated as well: I turned 30, hehe.
Oh, and I created this little thing: - Fellow Gimp dollers, feel free to grab (no credit, but upload to your own server).

pissed off doll

::15-feb-06:: Woooot! I have 2 new sister sites! I asked Meguey to be my sister - and she said yes! I know her from the Gathering and I've enjoyed chatting with her and reading her well-thought out posts. It's a little freaky that we agree on so many issues - and we both have a pancake-making hubby *giggles*. I'm looking forward to getting to know Meguey even better - go visit her site if you haven't already!
Tabatha I've know for along time, since way back in my simming days. She's such a sweet and helpful person and incredibly talented too. I was both flattered and thrilled when she asked me to be her sis.
On another note I'm insanely busy with studying and other RL stuff. And my inspiration is more for web layout and nerding with my Linux box than for dolling these days. That is probably gonna change - I'm so flaky - but for now I enjoy the geekeyness, hehe.
Besides for the sister banners (plug, plug!) the only thing new on the site is a few awards that I won.

::24-jan-06:: Short update to add a brush tutorial for the Gimp. Expect more Gimp pluggin' in the future!
Oh and if you're a fellow Gimp user feel free to mail me with tutorial requests... I like doing Gimp tuts :-D (You'll find my addy here.

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